Review DeXe Network (DEXE): Interest Rates, Fees, & Is it Safe?

DEXE is a new type of cryptocurrency available on the Binance exchange, causing many investors to feel uncertain. Should you trust DEXE and Dexe Network or not?

Let’s explore the dexe network project together with AZCoin through this comprehensive article.

What is Dexe Network?

A decentralized social trading ecosystem that allows anyone to copy the trades
A decentralized social trading ecosystem that allows anyone to copy the trades

Dexe Network is a decentralized social trading ecosystem that allows anyone to copy the trades of successful traders to increase the value of their portfolio.

The main goal of Team Dexe is to introduce a new set of tools to the DeFi world. They believe there are not enough suitable decentralized asset management tools available. Therefore, their aim is to create a platform where you can easily copy top traders, earn money, and manage your assets.

Dexe has been audited by experts from Hacken (who have researched Chainlink and EOS) and partnered with Orion Protocol.

How does Dexe Network operate?

First up is Wallet-to-Wallet Copy Trading. This feature allows you to plug in and start copying wallet-to-wallet. You can mimic the trading strategies of skilled traders simply by selecting the wallet you want to copy and then sending your funds to the Dexe smart contract.

Another form of copy trading is when you provide your funds to a trader for trading and receive a personalized trading token representing the value you deposited. The token’s value will fluctuate based on the trader’s activities, aiming to replicate the profits (or losses) generated by that trader affecting the assets you deposited.

Secondly, it’s all about increased trust. Dexe will provide detailed trader profiles showcasing past performance, giving you the necessary tools to choose the best trader for the job.

For traders involved in this type of copy trading, they must use the Dexe plugin on their browser to record their trades. It also allows traders to decide how they want to be compensated, whether through a fixed fee or a percentage of the profits they earn.

What is the DEXE token?

DEXE is the native utility token of the platform and is used in various cases
DEXE is the native utility token of the platform and is used in various cases

DEXE is the native utility token of the platform and is used in various cases.

Basic information about the DEXE token

  • Ticker: DEXE
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Contract: 0xde4ee8057785a7e8e800db58f9784845a5c2cbd6
  • Token Standard: Utility token
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 DEXE
  • Circulation supply: 2,714,008 DEXE

Token allocation

  • Token sale – 5%
  • Staking rewards – 10% (if unlocked supply exceeds 10%, staking rewards will not be credited)
  • Foundation – 33%
  • Team – 20%
  • Partnership and ecosystem – 16%
  • Trading school and tournaments – 10%
  • Marketing – 5%
  • Market liquidity Fund – 1%

DEXE Release Schedule

  • Token sale: No lock, immediate release
  • Staking rewards: 12-month vesting
  • Foundation: 1-year cliff, 48-month vesting
  • Team: 6-month cliff, 24-month vesting
  • Partnership and ecosystem: 3-month cliff, 12-month vesting
  • Trading school and tournaments: 2-month cliff, 12-month vesting
  • Marketing: 1-month cliff, 12-month vesting
  • Market liquidity Fund: Immediate release

DEXE Token Sale

The Token Sale started on 28/09/2020. It accounted for 5,000,000 DEXE (5% of the total supply). After the Token Sale ended, the report showed:

  • In 22 rounds, participants bought DeXe tokens amounting to $1,896,911
  • Circulating supply: 2,214,928 DEXE
  • Market Cap: $3,324,377
  • Tokens burned: 3,495,401 DEXE
  • Average price (after 22 rounds): $1.26
  • Lock-up: No lock

What is DEXE Token used for?

  • Governance: DEXE token holders can vote on network governance decisions and must hold DEXE to participate in DAO.
  • Reward: Traders receive commissions from followers based on the success of their strategies. Smart contracts receive 30% of this amount to automatically buy back tokens from the market. One-third of it is burned, one-third goes to the insurance team, and one-third is distributed to DEXE owners.
  • Insurance: Users have the option to hedge losses by staking DEXE tokens up to 10% of their value.

How to earn DEXE tokens?

Earning rewards through farming is a great way to increase your holdings

Earning rewards through farming is a great way to increase your holdings. All DEXE token holders are eligible to receive farming rewards once the product is launched. Participants in the Token Sale will receive additional farming rewards based on the program’s terms.

Users who purchase DEXE after the product launch will not receive additional farming rewards, but they are still eligible for regular farming rewards.

Both farming rewards and additional farming rewards will be distributed in DEXE tokens. To start receiving additional farming rewards, users must sign up for high farming rewards within 10 days of the product launch (registration will be done on

Alternatively, you can also purchase DEXE on listed exchanges. The key is to trade on trusted exchanges, make sure to check out our Evaluation Process page to be certain.

DEXE storage options

Since this is an ERC-20 token like Uniswap, AAVE Coin or USDC, you can quite easy to find a suitable wallet such as Trustwallet, Ledger Nano X, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask.. Or you can store it directly on the exchange where you purchased the token. Just remember to enable full security features.

Exploring the Potential of Dexe Network

Give anyone the opportunity to manage their finances in a decentralized way
Give anyone the opportunity to manage their finances in a decentralized way

Market Potential

Traders are starting to put more trust in decentralized trading platforms. For traders, there are many benefits such as no KYC. There are various thoughts and strategies that go into trading. Unless you are an expert, it’s not something you can master quickly. There is still a lack of useful decentralized asset management platforms. is a platform that will give anyone the opportunity to manage their finances in a decentralized way. By using Dexe, you can copy successful traders’ trades. You can view their wallets or stake your cryptocurrency to allow them to trade with it.


According to Defi Pulse, the total USD locked in DeFi has increased over 27 times in the past year to reach $22.02 billion at the time of writing. Products developed and released in the DeFi ecosystem are gaining more functionalities and capabilities every day. They have the potential to compete with centralized economies.

This space has spawned various tools providing lending, insurance purchases, or crypto asset transactions outside the payment system, exchange trading,…

Dexe understands the need for a safe and decentralized money management tool. That’s why Dexe’s main mission is to create opportunities for any user to invest safely and in a decentralized manner. Completely control risks and finances through a personal wallet. Dexe eliminates the risk of transferring funds to third parties and the need to provide API keys,…


In 2020, Dexe Network saw an increase in both the quantity and quality of partnerships.

From Consensus Lab, Cointelegraph, Quest Capital, Chain Capital, and other intelligent investors. In September, with recent collaborations with blockchain projects like 1inch, Orion, Stafi, Elrond, DexTools, and others.

Is it worth investing in the DEXE token?

Using Dexe is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. You can connect it to a non-custodial wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet. From there, you just need to deposit funds into the smart contract or choose the trader you want to trade with using your own money.

To find a trading platform that suits you, check out our the best crypto exchanges 2024 page right away.


We hope that these reviews will help you make an informed decision when investing in DEXE Network. Stay tuned for updates on the project’s articles and community channels to get the latest information quickly.

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