Evaluation Process

The process of evaluating the reputation of a cryptocurrency exchange requires diligence and careful verification. On the market today there are many different trading floors. The names we provide to users are the best trading floors in the world today chosen by many traders around the world.

To get the list of the world’s best crypto exchanges, AZCoin evaluated based on many different factors. Below is a possible overview process that you can refer to:

Cryptocurrency exchange evaluation process

Legal and regulatory

  • Check the license: Make sure that the exchange has an operating license from the appropriate financial regulator.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Evaluates whether the exchange complies with financial regulations and other relevant issues in the sector.

Security and risk

  • Security technology: Check if the exchange website uses SSL and data encryption. Measures to protect investors’ assets and transactions.
  • Risk management: Ensure the floor has effective risk management policies and tools.

Transaction costs and fees

  • Trading Fees: Determine trading fees and costs, including spreads, swaps, and other fees of crypto exchanges and forex exchanges.
  • Withdrawal fees: Check the costs associated with withdrawals and deposits of exchanges.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Diversity of trading cryptocurrencies and investor support tools.

Support platform

  • Trading software: Evaluate whether the trading software is suitable and easy to use for users. Does the floor support a variety of platforms and mobile devices?
  • Stability and transaction speed: Check if the platform is stable and executes transactions quickly.

Respond to user reviews

  • Support service: Evaluate the quality and style of customer support service.
  • Response time: Check the response time from the exchange support team.

Deposit and withdrawal transaction policy

  • Withdrawal Policy: Review the exchange withdrawal policy and ensure it is fair and clear.
  • Processing time: Check the processing time for transactions and withdrawals.

Financial partner

  • Bank partner: verify that the exchange cooperates with a reputable and trustworthy bank.
  • Financial scale: Check the financial status of the floor to ensure stability and sustainability.

Information about the management team

  • History: Learn about the history and operating time of the company that owns the trading floors.
  • Management team: Review the management team to ensure they are experienced and reputable.


Above is the process of evaluating and selecting a quality, highly reputable and reliable cryptocurrency exchange to introduce to users. For the evaluation factors we offer, users who want to add or edit, please contact AZCoin.

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