The “Disclaimer of Liability” policy is an important part to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of the parties. By accessing and using the service at AZCoin, it also means that you have agreed to the terms of agreement stipulated on the website.

The terms of responsibility between users and AZCoin are shown specifically and in detail below, you can refer to.

Disclaimer for AZcoin

Accuracy is not guaranteed

By using or accessing the AZCoin website, you accept and understand that any information, services, or content provided is for reference only. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or continuity of the information and are not responsible for any loss or damage arising from its use.

Any user content posted, uploaded, or shared on AZCoin does not reflect our opinions, policies, or views. We are not responsible for this content and reserve the right to remove or modify any content we consider inappropriate.

Disclaimer of liability

AZCoin is not responsible for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the user’s use or access of the website. This includes, but is not limited to, damage due to loss of data, interruption of service, or loss of profits.

We may provide links to third party services or websites but are not responsible for the quality, accuracy or legality of this content or services. Users access or use third party services at their own risk.

AZCoin may experience interruptions or technical problems that may disrupt service. We are not responsible for data loss, damage or any problems arising from such interruptions.

Policy changes and updates

We reserve the right to change, update or modify this disclaimer policy without prior notice. Continued use of AZCoin after these changes means you agree to the newly applied terms.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our disclaimer policy, please contact us at for our earliest response.

Responsibilities of AZCoin

Disclaimer for the AZCoin website, we also have the following responsibilities to ensure users:

  • Provide accurate and complete information and knowledge about crypto exchanges for users
  • We are responsible for protecting user information and data including personal information, IP addresses, website access history and fully comply with user privacy terms.
  • Quickly handle complaints when requested by users
  • Strictly comply with the established regulations

User Responsibilities at AZCoin

When accessing the AZCoin website, users also need to be responsible and comply with the regulations set forth by AZCoin to ensure safety and security for all parties. User Responsibilities:

  • No copyright infringement: All content on the AZCoin site is owned by us, users are not allowed to copy, distribute, or use any content on the site without our permission. AZCoin management team.
  • Do not create or distribute illegal content: Users are not allowed to create, distribute or interact with content that is illegal or harmful to others on the AZCoin website.
  • Protect the security of the website: Users must not take any action that harms or affects the security of the website, including testing for security vulnerabilities without our permission I.
  • Do not cause disruption or harassment: Users are not allowed to send or interact with content that is disruptive or harassing to other users on the AZCoin website.
  • Active constructive contributions: Users should contribute positive comments, feedback and content to make the website richer and more useful to the community.

Please read and understand this disclaimer policy before using the information on AZCoin. Continued use means you accept and comply with the terms and conditions described herein.

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