Review PAX Gold: Information, History and Analysis

In the evolution of the cryptocurrency market, Pax Gold (PAXG) has emerged as a unique combination of blockchain technology and gold, offering a new opportunity for both traditional investors and modern consumers.

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What is Pax Gold?

A unique ERC-20 stablecoin fully backed by real gold
A unique ERC-20 stablecoin fully backed by real gold

Pax Gold (PAXG) is a unique ERC-20 stablecoin fully backed by real gold. Each PAXG token represents one troy ounce of London Good Delivery gold, showcasing the stability and value of physical gold. What sets PAXG apart is that it is protected and monitored by Paxos Trust Company, ensuring that owners of PAXG tokens truly own this amount of real gold.

On the Paxos platform, users can swiftly and securely convert their PAXG into allocated gold, unallocated gold, or fiat currency. This process helps reduce payment risks and provides flexibility for users when trading and investing.

PAXG is not just a regular stablecoin but also an asset with tangible value, backed by gold. Regulation and approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services ensure compliance and reliability of PAXG in the financial market.

To ensure transparency and accuracy, a third-party auditing firm will conduct monthly checks to verify that Paxos’ gold reserves match the supply of PAXG tokens. These reports are publicly disclosed on Paxos’ official website, allowing users to check and confirm the safety of the gold reserve process.

Importantly, all customer assets, including PAXG, are tightly safeguarded against bankruptcy risks and kept separate from the company’s assets, creating a secure and trustworthy environment for users. Additionally, the price of PAXG is calculated based on real-time market value of gold.

Stablecoin Pax Gold (PAXG): How it works

A compelling digital asset that offers several advantages over traditional gold ownership
A compelling digital asset that offers several advantages over traditional gold ownership

PAX Gold (PAXG) presents a compelling digital asset that offers several advantages over traditional gold ownership. Each PAXG unit is backed by one troy ounce of pure gold from London Good Delivery gold bars weighing 400 oz, securely stored in Brinks vaults. Here’s how PAX Gold works and its key features:

  • Easy Accessibility: Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, PAXG can be transferred or traded 24/7, globally, at any time. This opens up accessibility and gold ownership to everyone, with low minimum investment levels.
  • Trustworthy: PAXG is backed by physical gold and held in secure vaults by Brinks. Paxos Trust Company, the custodian and overseer, is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services, ensuring PAXG’s transparency and credibility.
  • Redeemable: PAX Gold stands out as the only gold token redeemable for London Good Delivery gold bars, recognized by the LBMA. Holders can also redeem their PAXG for cash, other crypto assets, or even unallocated gold from bullion dealers.
  • Flexible: PAXG can be seamlessly exchanged or traded for fiat, commodities, or unallocated gold via the Paxos platform. It can also be traded for other digital assets on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Low-Cost: PAXG’s fee structure is competitive, with low token creation and redemption fees, while on-chain transaction fees are also kept minimal. This allows users to minimize costs when transacting and holding PAXG.
  • Support: PAXG’s global team provides customer support via phone and email. High-volume clients can also access dedicated account managers.

About Pax Gold (PAXG)

Pax Gold (PAXG) is a utility token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain
Pax Gold (PAXG) is a utility token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain

Key Information

Pax Gold (PAXG) is a utility token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Here are some key points about PAX Gold:

  • Ticker: PAXG
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Contract: 0x45804880de22913dafe09f4980848ece6ecbaf78
  • Token Type: Utility token
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: Uncapped
  • Circulating Supply: 248,689

Where can I buy PAXG tokens?

Similar to Filecoin, Chainlink and some other coins, you can currently buy PAXG on several different exchanges: Binance,, BitGlobal, Kucoin, Tokocrypto, and others. View reviews of reputable exchanges on the best crypto exchanges 2024 page.

Functions of PAX

Gold Here are the specific functions of PAX Gold:

  • It reduces the cost of entry for gold investment.
  • It allows users to own gold without the burden of storage and transport costs.
  • Trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Compatibility with Ethereum-based DeFi wallets and DApps.

Pax Gold: Project Team and Investors

Project Team and Investors Pax Gold
Project Team and Investors Pax Gold

In addition to understanding the concept behind Pax Gold, it’s crucial to delve into the project team and the investors involved:

  • Project Team: The project team comprises esteemed individuals with substantial experience, including Sheila Bair, Bill Bradley, Patricia Kemp, Jim Manzi, Scott Malpass, and Brian Stern.
  • Investors: PAX Gold has garnered partnerships and investments from renowned entities within the cryptocurrency space, including Galaxy Digital, ImToken, Nexo, Bithumb, Kraken, StoneX,, and more.

Roadmap Pax Gold

The development roadmap of Pax Gold (PAXG) began in 2019 and has undergone many positive changes over the past few years. The platform’s development team has continuously introduced various technological improvements and new features to enhance user experience and make PAXG more flexible and convenient.

Currently, although there is no official announcement about the roadmap for 2023 from Paxos, through a blog post, the team has revealed plans to create new features and expand partnerships to provide benefits for the user community.

Important events in the past have included the introduction of the new TRUST technology, which enables safe and completely confidential customer information sharing with cryptocurrency exchanges. Paxos has also integrated with Israel’s major consumer banks Leumi and Neobank Pepper. Another significant step is the widespread use of cryptocurrencies to improve consumers’ daily lives and address various issues.

Furthermore, Paxos has collaborated with Nubank, a digital bank in Brazil, to provide users with the ability to buy, store, and sell cryptocurrencies based on Paxos’ platform. This demonstrates Paxos’ commitment to expanding the influence and utility of PAXG to users globally, creating an increasingly rich and convenient cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Pax Gold offers a new opportunity for the traditional gold market by combining physical gold with blockchain technology. The project has the potential to bridge the gap between gold and cryptocurrencies, creating opportunities to buy and trade gold through blockchain.

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