What is Theta coin (THETA)? Everything you need to know about THETA

Theta Network is a decentralized platform built on blockchain designed to enhance the transmission and sharing of online video content. This platform has garnered the attention of many investors and major partners in the technology and entertainment industries.

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What is Theta Network?

What is Theta Network?
What is Theta Network?

Theta Network is a decentralized platform for online video distribution, founded by Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long in 2017. Initially built on the Ethereum platform, Theta Network uses blockchain technology to enable users to share bandwidth, storage, and view videos more efficiently and securely.

At first, Theta Network (formerly SLIVER.tv) focused on providing live sports and entertainment channels. However, it has expanded to become a multi-service platform, offering various types of content such as video games, music, movies, and online sports competitions. The goal of Theta Network is to improve video transmission quality and reduce costs for content providers.

What is Theta coin (THETA)?

Theta coin (THETA) is the currency used within the Theta Network ecosystem. Created based on the Ethereum platform, THETA is used to pay for services on this platform. Additionally, THETA is used to reward users for sharing bandwidth and storing data, contributing to the enhancement of the Theta Network.

In March 2019, Theta Network released a new version of THETA, called Theta Fuel (TFUEL). TFUEL was created to provide liquidity and ensure the sustainability of the Theta Network ecosystem. Users can earn TFUEL by participating in activities such as watching, sharing, and storing videos on this platform.

What problem is Theta solving?

What problem is Theta solving?
What problem is Theta solving?

The main issue that Theta Network aims to address is the sustainability and efficiency in the conversion, storage, and distribution of online video. Currently, a vast amount of video content is viewed online daily, especially live sports and entertainment content. However, the transmission and storage of this data still face many challenges and high costs.

With Theta Network, bandwidth sharing and data storage will be transformed into a decentralized business model. Instead of paying fees to intermediary service providers, users can earn THETA and TFUEL as rewards for participating in the Theta network. This helps to reduce costs and increase the sustainability of the Theta Network ecosystem.

Theta Network’s solution

To address the sustainability and efficiency issues in the conversion, storage, and distribution of online video, Theta Network has built a comprehensive ecosystem with many superior solutions.

In the Theta Network ecosystem, users can share bandwidth and store data for each other using THETA and TFUEL. This reduces costs for content providers and creates a decentralized business model, ensuring the sustainability of the Theta ecosystem.

Additionally, Theta Network uses blockchain technology to ensure the security and reliability of transactions on the platform. The use of blockchain helps minimize fraud risks and increases transparency in bandwidth sharing and data storage.

Another solution offered by Theta Network is the integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) built on their platform. This CDN enhances video transmission speed and minimizes disruptions, ensuring that users have the best possible online video viewing experience.

Basic information about Theta coin

Basic information about Theta coin
Basic information about Theta coin

Basic information about THETA

  • Ticker: THETA
  • Blockchain: Blockchain của Theta Network
  • Function: Governance
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 THETA
  • Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 THETA

Basic information about Theta Fuel

  • Ticker: Theta Fuel
  • Blockchain: Blockchain của Theta Network
  • Function: Utility
  • Total Supply: Not fixed
  • Circulating Supply: 3,838,301,572 Theta Fuel

Exchanges that support THETA trading

Currently, THETA is traded on many of the best crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, KuCoin, Gate.io and numerous others worldwide. This indicates the interest and trust of the investment community in this project.

In which wallet to store THETA?

Similar to Fantom and Maker, THETA can also be stored in ERC-20 wallets such as Ledger Nano S, MyEtherWallet, and Trust Wallet. Additionally, users can store THETA on exchanges after purchasing the token.

The future of Theta Network

The future of Theta Network
The future of Theta Network

With its superior solutions and outstanding growth potential, Theta Network is attracting significant interest from many investors and the user community. This indicates the strong growth potential of this project in the future.

According to the plan, Theta Network will enhance its ecosystem by expanding into the Asian market and building relationships with major partners in the online entertainment sector.

Additionally, the project is actively developing the beta version of a new livestream tool called “Theta Live Embed” to help businesses and individuals easily utilize Theta Network’s features on their platforms.

Should you invest in Theta Network or not?

If you’re an investor with a long-term strategy seeking potential blockchain projects for future development, Theta Network is definitely worth considering. This project has a comprehensive ecosystem and superior solutions to address sustainability and efficiency issues in online video streaming.

Furthermore, collaboration with leading companies in the online entertainment industry and expansion into the Asian market also demonstrate the growth potential of Theta Network in the future.

The end

So, we have learned about Theta Network, a potential blockchain project in the field of online media and entertainment. Hopefully, through the above article, you have given yourself an overview of this project. If you have any questions, please contact AZcoin for the fastest answer!

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