What is FLOKI? Information, History and Analysis

FLOKI is a cryptocurrency project created and managed by the community with the project name inspired by Elon Musk’s Shiba dog. But this is not just a memecoin but also a large ecosystem with many accompanying features.

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What is FLOKI?

FLOKI is a community-created and managed cryptocurrency project with a project name inspired by the name of Elon Musk's Shiba dog
FLOKI is a community-created and managed cryptocurrency project with a project name inspired by the name of Elon Musk’s Shiba dog

FLOKI is a community-created and managed cryptocurrency project with a project name inspired by the name of Elon Musk’s Shiba dog in 2021 after his tweet. In other words, FLOKI is a memecoin project based on the currently popular cat and dog theme.

Currently, FLOKI is running on two main networks, Ethereum and BNB Chain, but this is not just a simple memecoin project but is itself a large ecosystem. Accordingly, FLOKI has oriented and built many more features such as gaming, NFT, education and more.

FLOKI Coin was initially valued at less than one millionth, but there was a sharp increase in September and peaked in October 2021.

What does FLOKI’s ecosystem include?

FLOKI owns its own ecosystem, very diverse and rich
FLOKI owns its own ecosystem, very diverse and rich

As mentioned before, FLOKI owns its own ecosystem, very diverse and rich with the following main components:

  • FlokiPlaces: Floki’s NFT Marketplace, which allows people to participate in buying, selling and trading NFTs or goods with FLOKI tokens.
  • Floki University: An educational platform, providing knowledge about cryptocurrency so people can learn before investing.
  • Valhalla – Floki Inu: Play-to-Earn NFT Metaverse game, encouraging users to explore the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain for rewards.
  • DeFi: Introducing DeFi products to users, allowing them to control their finances.

And there are many other components that have been built and expanded within FLOKI’s ecosystem.

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FLOKI team and partner information

Let's find out information about FLOKI's development team and investors
Let’s find out information about FLOKI’s development team and investors

Development team

Unfortunately, all information about the main development team of FLOKI has not been announced yet. Only their aliases are Brown Whale, B (The Viking), Saber, Jackie Xu and Lintern.

Investors and partners

The FLOKI project has never announced the names of its investors, but only announced information about the IEO sale through Gate.

On the other hand, FLOKI project partners have the appearance of many famous fairies ApeSwap, BinStarter, Biswap, Chainlink, ChangNOW, CryptoCart,…

Basic information about FLOKI Token

Let's find out information about FLOKI Token
Let’s find out information about FLOKI Token


  • Token Name: Floki Inu
  • Ticker: FLOKI
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: ERC-20, BEP-20
  • Contract:
    • Ethereum: 0xcf0c122c6b73ff809c693db761e7baebe62b6a2e
    • BNB Chain: 0xfb5b838b6cfeedc2873ab27866079ac55363d37e
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: FLOKI
  • Circulating Supply: 9.784.259.956.555 FLOKI

Allocation rate

Currently, the FLOKI Token is allocated as follows:

  • Buyback automation: 55%
  • Marketing for influencers: 27%
  • Reward for holders: 18%

What can FLOKI be used for?

At the present time, you can use FLOKI Token for the following jobs:

  • Payment for utilities and services provided in the ecosystem.
  • Means of transactions and exchanges between users.
  • Used for charitable activities, deducted from a portion of the project’s revenue.

Where can FLOKI be traded?

To trade FLOKI Token, the best crypto exchanges we recommend for you are Binance, Uniswap, Gate.io, MEXC Global,…

Where can FLOKI be stored?

If you need to find a place to store FLOKI Token safely and securely, you can use exchange wallets or wallets from reputable third parties such as Metamask, Coin98 Wallet,…


After all, hopefully this article has helped you gain more information and understanding about FLOKI and everything about this. If you need something more, please don’t hesitate to contact AZcoin.

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