What is Jupiter (JUP) coin? Information, History and Analysis

Jupiter (JUP) is a DEX Aggregator platform built on the Solana ecosystem with the goal of helping users have the best experience when swapping tokens.

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What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is a DEX Aggregator platform built on Solana's ecosystem
Jupiter is a DEX Aggregator platform built on Solana’s ecosystem

Jupiter is a DEX Aggregator platform built on Solana’s ecosystem, which provides users with the ability to perform token swaps with low slippage and cheap transaction fees. At the same time, it brings features such as Limit order, DCA, Bridge,… to bring the best experience to users.

Jupiter’s main purpose is to bring the best experiences to its users on the platform. Besides, Jupiter also provides many special tools to developers, allowing them to easily integrate the platform’s technology into their DApp, user interface or browser.

Some prominent projects that have been connected to Jupiter belong to the Solana ecosystem such as Orca, Raydium, Serum,…

What’s special about Jupiter?

Let learn what's special about Jupiter
Let’s learn what’s special about Jupiter

The most impressive points about Jupiter are:

  • Automated: Jupiter automatically lists new tokens on the Solana platform, allowing users to have easier access to new and potential projects.
  • Optimal process: Jupiter provides a cryptocurrency swap experience with low slippage and cheap transaction fees, allowing users to make transactions in the most efficient and economical way.
  • Compatible: Jupiter supports many different crypto wallets, making it easy for users to make transactions from their wallets.
  • Friendly: Jupiter has an interface designed to be very user-friendly, allowing for more convenient tracking and viewing of transactions.

What is Jupiter’s ecosystem?

Jupiter's ecosystem provides a lot of benefits to users
Jupiter’s ecosystem provides a lot of benefits to users

Outstanding features currently available in Jupiter’s ecosystem include:

  • Swap: A feature supports users to swap tokens with low price slippage and cheap transaction fees, allowing users to more conveniently exchange tokens from Solana.
  • Limit Order: Limit order support feature, allowing users to place buy or sell orders at a specified price, helping users more easily control transactions.
  • DCA: A feature that supports users buying a certain amount of tokens over a regular period of time, helping to optimize and significantly reduce the risk of investment.
  • Bridge: A feature supports bridges between different blockchains, allowing users to convert tokens from different platforms.
  • Perpetual: A features support for perpetual futures contracts, allowing participants to enter the futures and options markets.

Information about Jupiter’s team, investors and partners

Up to now, all information about the team behind the development of Jupiter has not been announced. This is similar to information about the project’s investors, there is currently no officially announced information.

On the other hand, Jupiter has received cooperation with many projects such as Orca, Raydium, Marinade Finance, Phantom, Solflare, Star Atlas, Genopets, DeFi Land,…

Besides, if you have time, we would like to suggest you check out other interesting content such as Bitget Token, SEI Coin, Fetch.ai,…

Overview of JUP Token

Let learn about JUP Token
Let learn about JUP Token

JUP is the official cryptocurrency of the Jupiter platform, used to pay for transactions and services from the platform.


  • Token name: Jupiter
  • Ticker: JUP
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token standard: SPL
  • Token type: Utilities, Administration
  • Total Supply: JUP

Allocation rate

  • Airdrop: 40%
  • Team: 20%
  • Strategic Reserve: 20%
  • Liquidity Provision: 10%
  • Contributors and Grants:10%

Where can JUP Token be traded?

If you want to trade JUP Token, we recommend the best crypto exchanges to you is Binance, eToro, Meteora VD,…

Which wallet should JUP Token be stored in?

For you to store JUP Token, we would like to suggest you some e-wallets that support SPL standards such as Phantom Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, Backpack,…


Finally, we have come together to learn the most general and easy-to-understand content about Jupiter (JUP) coin. Hope we have brought you useful information. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact AZcoin.

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