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With just two Binance Earn tools: Simple Earn and Automatic Investing , you can grasp the secret to passive and long-term investing to increase your cryptocurrency assets.

  • With Simple Earn , you simply deposit your token holdings and earn interest for the time you deposit. Simple Earn has a flexible mode so you can withdraw tokens at any time and still receive interest, or deposit for a fixed period to receive higher interest rates.
  • With Automatic Investing , you can plan to periodically buy an asset like BTC weekly or monthly with your spare money without having to do it many times. This tool helps you own the assets you want and accumulate them over time, ignoring short-term fluctuations to take profits when the market improves. In addition, the amount of assets you are investing automatically will be deposited into Simple Earn by the system, so you can receive flexible daily deposit interest rates.

Promotion program giving away ETH, BNB and 300 vouchers worth 10 USDT

  • State of The Blockchain: Binance’s 2023 in Review, our year-end report situating Binance’s key numbers and narratives of the year within the wider industry context, is now out.
  • In 2023, Binance saw an increase of 30% in new users, growing its offerings and expanding the accessibility of Web3 products with a focus on user experience.
  • The year also saw Binance reach a historical resolution with U.S. regulators, which helped us create the comprehensive compliance program we have today and become a compliance-led organization ready to lead the digital asset industry into its new era.

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