What is an NFT? How do they work?

NFT is a term used to refer to special digital assets that are unique and cannot be substituted for each other. With its special nature and potential, NFTs have brought a lot of opportunities for creators and investors from all over the world.

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What is NFT?

NFT is an special types of tokens with unique properties that cannot be interchanged with each other
NFT is a special type of token with unique properties that cannot be interchanged with each other

NFT is an acronym for Non-fungible Token, which refers to special types of tokens with unique properties that cannot be interchanged with each other. To do that, each NFT will have a separate and unique identifier, which sets this NFT apart from the rest.

Not only do they stand out for their unique characteristics, but these NFTs also possess very high-security capabilities, corresponding to the blockchain platform on which they are created. Because of this characteristic, NFTs are often used to represent equally special digital assets such as works of art, video game items, virtual real estate,…

More information for you is that the concept of NFT was first used in 2012 and has now become an extremely popular concept among virtual currency investors.

How does NFT work?

Let's learn how NFT work
Let’s learn how NFT works

NFT is developed on blockchain technology, which means transaction information and ownership details will be recorded on the network. Thanks to the transparent nature of blockchain, we can easily verify the ownership of an NFT even after it has changed hands.

NFTs also operate on smart contracts, which are automated programs that will enable the creation, management, and transfer of NFTs. The process can be done quickly and freely without the help of any other third party.

The final element to talk about how NFTs work is the implementation of token standards that ensure interoperability and consistency across different platforms. From here we can determine the creation, management, and transfer of these NFTs.

Combining the above elements leads to the minting process that creates an NFT using smart contracts to convert digital files into assets on a blockchain. From now on, when you own an NFT, you own an exclusive code to use, display, and interact with the content contained in the NFT.

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NFT Use Case

NFTs appear a lot in works of art
NFTs appear a lot in works of art

Common NFT use cases:

  • Works of Art: NFTs allow artists to create and sell digital works such as paintings, photos, or videos that help protect ownership and the ability to monetize NFT sales.
  • Community membership: Many blockchain projects and communities use NFTs to reward users or use them as a token that offers some special perks.
  • Game: NFTs in games allow players to own game items and trade them for profit.
  • Music: Music NFTs are a new form used by artists to release exclusive works as well as assert their ownership.
  • DeFi: NFTs can represent and be used as collateral in DeFi for borrowing.
  • Virtual Universe and Web3: NFTs are an important part of the virtual universe and Web3, where everything is represented by NFTs.

Related questions about NFTs

Let's answer some questions about NFTs
Let’s answer some questions about NFTs

Are NFTs safe?

Although NFTs are built and inherit the security features of the blockchains they are created on, that does not mean NFTs are safe. That means these NFTs are still at risk of fraud, exploits, and counterfeiting.

Another aspect, if you are an investor, NFT can be considered a quite risky investment because of its unstable nature, something that requires special attention when investing.

Are NFTs similar to cryptocurrencies?

It can be said that the only thing in common between NFTs and cryptocurrencies is that they are both electronic assets that use blockchain technology to create. Many remaining points make up the difference between these two types of assets, the most obvious being the possibility of substitution.

The alternative here is that cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for each other as long as they are the same currency. Meanwhile, each NFT is unique, which we said from the beginning, so no two NFTs can be the same nor can they be interchangeable.

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How do NFT prices increase?

Whether the price of an NFT goes up or down is somewhat similar to how traditional works of art are valued. In short, it is based on the principle of supply and demand of the market, thereby affecting NFT prices.

However, as mentioned earlier, the price of NFTs is relatively unstable and can change a lot in a short period.


We have finally come together to learn about all the most general and easy-to-understand content about NFTs. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact AZcoin.

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